BrickStix are Reusable, Removeable Little Bundles of Brick Building Fun

First discovered BrickStix at ChiTag and felt compelled to purchase a few sets for my Lego and K'Nex-lov'n sons.  Zombie Mod Brickstix and Special Forces Mod Brickstix were high on their radar and of course, just had to toss in a Comic Mod BrickStix for good measure.

In thanks, my sons put together this super cool tribute that now has a prominent place of honor on my desk: 

Comic Book Mom Rocks in Lego and BrickStix
The "call out" sticker and the front shirt of the figure are both Mod stix
So, what exactly are these BrickStix thingies?  BrickStix are removable and re-positionable stickers for plastic bricks (like Lego and Mega Blocks.)  The special adhesive on doesn't leave an residue or ick on the brick and can be used over and over again to create new scenes and customized bricks.

BrickStix have general designs like space and metro.  Mod stix are designed with battle play in mind, like zombies and WWII. 

All are absolutely ingenious!

BrickStix with Lego
"Nooooooo!!" sign, call-out, and shirt fronts are Mod stix
And this ingenuity spawned from the mind of a nine-year-old.  Yep, the 
inventor was nine when he felt limited by his construction sets, frustrated with the stickers that came with brick sets that were not removable or reusable.  He shared his frustrations with his family and together they found a viable solution and created the BrickStix company (absolutely love their story... you can read more at

BrickStix come in tons of clever combinations including pets, signs, space, and shopping.  Mod stix have the a fore mentioned zombies, special forces, comic, medieval, and WWII.  Rumor has it more sets will be on the way.  We hope so and will certainly be in line to get 'em!

Thor had to get in on the Mod stix action with a new skateboarder look.


  1. Those are cute. I can see endless creative possibilities. And I love that Comic Book Mom rocks sign. :)

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  3. Love it... the boys would love, that and I totally know that "COMIC Book Mom ROCKS!!!!" Love the idea that they can use the Brick Stix and be creative in their Lego play..LOVE it. Thanks for sharing, never seen them before.